American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee is a United States based non-profit organization founded in 2017. 


Our objective is to provide a substantial amount of education and support for Pakistani and Muslim Americans to fully participate in their local town, city and states race remains the main priority of our organization. We seek to have people in office that are representative of America as a whole, including those from immigrant communities who have long been excluded from the political process. 

After the 2016 election, many people across the nation felt frustrated with the outcome and found new motivation to contribute political work that can bring quantifiable results to the political landscape. Since 2017, APPAC has quickly grown into the most significant American Pakistani organization nationally. Our commitment to our goal of taking a stand against bigotry, prejudice, and hate remains stronger than ever. The many focuses of our organization include building resources, educating the community members so they can be a part of creating policies, and fighting for legislation that is beneficial to not only the Pakistani American community but all of the marginalized communities. APPAC believes in supporting candidates who are clear in their commitment to full civic and human rights for all.


To support political candidates who stand against bigotry, prejudice, and hate and are clear in their commitment to full civic and human rights for all.

Encourage Pakistani- Americans to participate fully in the political process and create opportunities for involvement.

Stand against islamophobia and educate decision makers in power and the general public on the bond between the United States and Pakistan. 

Help Pakistani- Americans acquire relevant political, leadership and communication skills, in particular, support youth leadership and preparation for government service. 

Work and and support other groups who share our goals in the true American spirit of inclusiveness and equality.